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Gellatly Village Growth Management Designation

  1. The City of West Kelowna Council is considering an amendment to the Official Community Plan to include a new Growth Management Designation specific to portions of five properties in Gellatly Bay, West Kelowna’s premier waterfront destination for residents and visitors.

    The proposed amendment will include policy language to outline the vision for the future development of Gellatly Bay as a mixed use village comprised of small scale commercial uses (such as cafes, boutique shops and services) and multi residential uses (in the form of townhouses and apartments), public parking (vehicular and boat/trailer) and public spaces (promenades and plazas).

    This policy is based off work previously completed as part of the 2011 Waterfront Plan and 2017 Gellatly Village Study.

    At this time we are seeking your feedback on the proposed amendment.

    It is important to note that any development proposal for mixed-use development in Gellatly Village would require a zoning amendment application which includes additional public input through a public hearing and agency referrals.

  2. Further background information is available by:

  3. Question 1

    Is your vision for the future of the Gellatly area consistent with that outlined in the proposed Gellatly Village Growth Management Designation? Why or Why not?

  4. Question 2

    Do you support the inclusion of multi-residential uses in the form of townhouses and apartments in Gellatly Bay?

  5. Question 3

    Do you support the inclusion of small scale commercial uses (such as cafes, boutique shops, services operated year round) in Gellatly Bay?

  6. Question 4

    In which neighbourhood do you live? Please refer to our neighbourhood map, if need be.

  7. We encourage you to sign up for eNotifications, so you can be informed of the how to make a submission to Council in advance of the public hearing. Otherwise, you are welcome to check back on the calendar on our website at 10 days prior to the public hearing for more information on how to make a submission.

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