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Council Highlights - February 13, 2018

February 14, 2018

Burning and Development

After hearing from a delegation of residents expressing concern with burning of trees and debris related to clearing for new development, Council requested staff to bring a report to Council with recommendations on how to limit nuisance when burning takes place close to neighbourhoods.

2017-2018 Strategic Priorities Update

Council was provided with the fourth quarter update outlining work done between October and December 2017 intended to meet the goals and objectives set out in the 2017-2018 Strategic Plan. The plan sets out both short and long-term targets for completion within Council’s five main strategic objectives: infrastructure, economic and financial environment, sustainability, governance and protective services.


2018 Priorities

Council adopted its 2018 Priorities document which outlines the goals and objectives for 2018 which Council wishes to accomplish. Council has five priority categories: Economic Development, Infrastructure, Safety and Security, Service Delivery and Social and Environmental. Projects are included in support of these priorities. The document also includes operational priorities for 2018. Projects include construction of the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant, road and sidewalk improvements and the construction of a new Multi-Use Dome with artificial turf field.

2018 Budget

Council amended its 2018-2027 Financial Plan to incorporate $437,514 in new discretionary funds available after actual growth of the community was determined. Council had previously estimated growth at 1.6%; actual growth has been determined at 3.11%. Council agreed to spend $120,000 in 2018 to fund two reservists to focus on addressing speeding in the community; $84,500 in 2018 to fund the conversion of two RCMP vehicles to command vehicles with advanced technology; $116,507 transferred to Reserves for Future Expenditures and apply $116,507 to reduce taxes, with the tax rate now moving from 2.58% to 2.18%. Council also directed staff to add to the 2019 budget $320,000 to fund two RCMP Officers.

Casa Loma Development Proposal

Council gave first reading to an Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment Bylaw related to a comprehensive development at 2211 Campbell Road in Casa Loma. The proposal involves a 7.1 hectare property and the application is to amend the OCP land use designation from Agricultural to Tourist Commercial and to rezone from Agricultural to Comprehensive Development Zone (CD8). The proposed mixed use zone includes:

  • Various housing types including an apartment complex, town houses and a hotel
  • Surface and underground parking
  • An orchard and supporting agricultural facilities
  • Agritourism accommodation units
  • A winery and restaurant
  • A marina and boat launch

Staff will now work with the applicant to prepare the draft CD8 zone for consideration by Council at an upcoming meeting.

Boucherie Road Development

Council postponed consideration of a Multiple Family and Hillside Development Permit to facilitate the construction of six single family dwellings and six duplexes. The 1.99 hectare property is located in the South Boucherie neighbourhood, adjacent to the Mission Hill Winery to the east and approximately 800 metres west from Green Bay. The subject property is steeply sloped with slopes greater than 40 percent on the western and eastern portion of the site. The central portion of the site has slopes between 20 and 40 percent and the property is vacant with stands of Ponderosa pine, shrubs and grasses. The property is accessed through an existing single family subdivision off Golden View Drive via Apple Way Boulevard. Council wanted further review related to form and character and site access.

Westbank Centre DCC Reduction

Council adopted the City’s Westbank Centre Development Cost Charges Reduction Amendment Bylaw to extend the expiration of the original bylaw by three months, from March 2018 to June 2018. The bylaw offers Development Cost Charge reductions to encourage development in Westbank Centre that places a lower burden on municipal infrastructure.

SILGA Resolutions

Council agreed to submit the following resolutions for consideration by the Southern Interior Local Government Association:

Parkland DCC Reserve Expenditure Expansion

WHEREAS the Local Government Act legislates the manner in which local governments may collect, hold and use Development Cost Charges (DCC) for the capital costs of park land;

AND WHEREAS the Local Government Act permits the use of DCC money for landscaping on parkland allowing for the construction of playing fields including such items as levelling ground, planting grass and other plant material, the legislation does not contemplate different forms of playing field surfaces such as manufactured surfaces and artificial turf which promotes water conservation, is environmentally-friendly and requires less maintenance:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM lobby the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to broaden the allowable uses of DCC reserve funds to include alternate recreation and field surfaces.

Business Case for a Provincial Police Force

WHEREAS local governments contract with the Province of BC for law enforcement services using the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP);

AND WHEREAS the current arrangement has resulted in escalating contract costs, unanticipated budget requests, lack of local priority setting and unbalanced municipal to provincial integrated unit ratios and is no longer a sustainable or affordable solution:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM lobby the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General to undertake a business case for a BC Provincial Police Force.

Cannabis Revenue Sharing Model

WHEREAS legalization of recreational cannabis sales is occurring in 2018 in Canada and the Federal Government has committed to sharing tax revenues collected as a result of those sales with Provincial Governments;

AND WHEREAS the Province of British Columbia will create its own framework model including the role of local governments leading to additional resources needed to regulate land use, to monitor businesses and respond to bylaw issues, and for RCMP resources:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM lobby the provincial government to establish a revenue sharing ratio of 50% of the tax revenues received with local governments.

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