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Council Highlights - May 9, 2017

West Kelowna Council Meeting Highlights 

May 9, 2017

2017 Strategic Plan

The 2017-2018 Strategic Plan outlines West Kelowna Council’s goals and objectives for the community with emphasis on infrastructure, economic and financial environment, sustainability, governance and protective services. The plan sets both short and long-term targets for completion. Quarterly reports on progress will be presented to Council.

Safety Program Recognized

The City was presented a Certificate of Recognition from the BC Municipal Safety Association after successfully passing all elements of an external safety audit conducted on the municipal organization last year.

Anders Tennis Court Lighting

Council agreed to award the construction contract in the amount of $259,909 to Houle Electric for the installation of LED lighting on eight tennis courts at Anders Tennis Courts. This contract is contingent on contributions from the Lakeview Heights Tennis Club. The Club will vote at an upcoming meeting on its contribution to the project of a $50,000 this year and a further $10,000 contribution per year for five years and 25% of all profits from tournaments for the next five years.

Upper Sundance Townhouse Development

Council approved a Multiple Family, Hillside and Environmental Development Permit to allow the construction of a 30-unit stacked townhouse complex at 2161 Upper Sundance Drive. The 1.2 hectare site is located near Shannon Lake Park. A public access trail system on the site will link to an existing public trail.

Secondary Suites & Carriage Houses

Council gave first and second readings to a Zoning Bylaw Amendment related to Secondary Suites and Carriage Homes in the Community. The major proposed amendments are:

  • Allowing a suite entrance to face the same road as the principal dwelling entrance, provided the suite entrance is subordinate in appearance.
  • Permitting suites within the RC3, CD1(C), CD1(D), CD1(E) and CD3(A) zones, provided that the parcel has a minimum lot size of 550 m2 (5,902.2 ft2) or greater.
  • Reducing the requirement for landscape or fence screening along parcel boundaries for parcels where carriage houses are constructed adjacent to residential or rural zones.
  • Removing the requirement for sign-off of all shared access owners, easement holders or strata councils where suites or carriage houses are accessed from these private roads.

The City has conducted extensive public consultation on these proposed changes including a mail out to all affected parcels, referrals to committees, an open house held April 25, and an online survey. Overall, the majority of respondents either indicated support or neutrality on the proposed changes, with the strongest levels of support indicated for the inclusion of secondary suites within the RC3 and CD1(C), CD1(D), CD1(E) and CD3(A) zones. The Bylaw is scheduled for a public hearing for Wednesday, May 17 at 6 p.m. at the Westbank Lions Hall, 2466 Main Street, West Kelowna.

Commercial Medical Marijuana

Council gave second reading to a Zoning Bylaw Amendment and first three readings to amendments to the City’s business licensing bylaw to further regulate and provide clarity for commercial medical marijuana facilities in West Kelowna. The amendments exclude marijuana from being grown in a greenhouse or nursery which will reduce confusion and ensure all commercial production, processing, storage and distribution of marijuana falls within a single definition and associated zoning regulations. The bylaw amendment requires air filtration and security provisions for commercial marijuana facilities including the personal or designated production for more than one registrant on a premises, not including the residential premises used for the production, processing or storage of marijuana for the medicinal use of a resident of that premises. The intent of these amendments is to improve public security and reduce nuisance to surrounding properties. The draft bylaw will now be taken to public hearing, scheduled for Tuesday, May 23 at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers, 2760 Cameron Road, West Kelowna.

Vineyard Estates Phases 5 to 7

Council gave third reading to Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws for the final phases of the Vineyard Estates neighbourhood development in South Boucherie. The applicant is proposing 171 single family lots with 28 duplexes for the 52 hectare property close to Pinot Noir Drive, Vineyard View Drive and Vineyard Drive. Approximately 36 hectares would be developed with the remainder designated as park or natural area. Vineyard Drive would be extended and act as the primary access to the development and traffic analysis has indicated the road is adequate to handle the increased traffic. The proposed bylaws were the subject of a public hearing on February 28, 2017.

Shannon Lake Road Bridge Replacement

Council awarded the contract for the replacement of the bridge on Shannon Lake Road over McDougall Creek to CEWE Infrastructure Ltd. in the amount of $1.15 million. Council further authorized the utilization of contingency money to fund unanticipated expenditures during the construction of the project. Given the recent flooding in the community, which continues to impact the bridge at this time, City staff will have the bridge evaluated when flood waters recede and have discussions regarding timing for construction.

Athletic Field LED Lighting 

Council awarded the construction contract in the amount of $849,747 to Houle Electric for the installation of LED Lighting at Boucherie and Rosewood Sports Fields. The project is contingent on the City receiving a grant from Western Economic Diversification.

2017 Budget

Council adopted its 2017 to 2026 Financial Plan and 10-Year Capital Plan as well as its 2017 Tax Rate Bylaw, setting this year’s property tax increase in West Kelowna at 3%.

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