Gellatly Village Offical Community Plan Amendment

Proposed Official Community Plan Amendment for Gellatly Village

The Gellatly Village Study was presented at the January 24, 2017 Council Meeting and outlines the refined vision for Gellatly Bay as a future mixed use village comprised of multi-residential in the form of townhouses, apartments and small-scale commercial uses. At this same meeting, Council directed staff to proceed with Recommendation #2 of the study which is to develop a new Growth Management Designation specific to 5 properties in Gellatly Bay to establish OCP policy support for the future vision of this area.  
On February 28th, 2017 Council gave first and second reading to the Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 100.45 (File No. OCP 17-02) to include a new Growth Management Designation specific to portions of 5 properties in Gellatly Bay. 

Summary of Proposed Gellatly Village Growth Management Designation Amendment

The purpose of this proposed designation is to: 

  • Outline the vision for the future development of Gellatly Bay as a mixed use village comprised of small-scale commercial uses (cafes, boutique shops and local services operated year-round), multi-residential uses (apartments and townhouses), public parking (vehicular and boat/trailer) and public spaces (promenades and plazas) as envisioned within the 2011 Waterfront Plan  and 2017 Gellatly Village Study.
  • Include mapping changes to reflect the growth management designation change on five properties from ‘Neighbourhood’ and/or ‘Agricultural Precinct’ to ‘Gellatly Village'.

Existing Official Community Plan and Zoning Designations

The five parcels subject to the proposed Gellatly Village Growth Management Designation currently have the growth management designations of Neighbourhood and Agricultural Precinct. The existing OCP land use of these parcels are Mixed Use, Agricultural, Single Family Residential, and Rural Residential. These sites are currently zoned Light Industrial (I1), Compact Single Detached Residential (RC3), Rural Residential Small Parcel Zone (RU2) and Agricultural (A1). 

It should be noted that future development of these subject properties in accordance with the proposed Gellatly Village Growth Management Designation will still require Official Community Plan (land use) and/or zoning amendments (with public input and agency referrals) through the regular development approval process. 

Community Consultation

Public input on the proposed amendment is being sought through an online survey, which will be available on the City’s webpage from March 29 to April 29, 2017. 

Referrals have also been sent to School District No. 23, the Greater Westside Board of Trade, the Agricultural Land Commission, Advisory Planning Commission, Agricultural Advisory Committee and the Economic Development Committee to obtain additional feedback. Public advertisements, social media posts and signage is also being used to raise awareness about the proposed amendment and obtain further feedback from the greater community.  

Public Hearing

A public hearing will be held May 17, 2017 at 6:00 pm at the Westbank Lions Hall, 2466 Main Street in West Kelowna.  Notification for the public hearing in accordance with the Local Government Act includes a mail out to all property owners and their tenants within a minimum of 100 metres of the subject property and advertisements in the local newspaper. In addition to the public hearing advertisement, advertisements will be placed within the Westside Weekly and Capital News in accordance with s. 475 of the Local Government Act.  

Additional Background Information

Waterfront Plan
The 2011 Waterfront Plan envisions Gellatly Bay to evolve into a small-scale ‘Waterfront Village’ destination, containing a range of recreational activities, amenities, and services including uses such as: cafes, restaurants, small boutique shops and local services with housing located above. The Waterfront Plan also recommends increased residential densities and the incorporation of mixed uses in this area over time. The Waterfront Plan indicates the potential for ALR land swaps to expand development potential in the area in circumstances where no net loss of agricultural land occurs. 

Gellatly Village Study

The 2017 Gellatly Village Study refines the vision of the Waterfront Plan for Gellatly Bay in terms of potential densities and types of land uses that could be feasible for three development sites (portions of 5 parcels). Recommendation #2 of the Gellatly Village Study is to consider an amendment to the Official Community Plan (OCP) to create a new Growth Management Designation and policy to implement the vision for redevelopment of these lands within the OCP.