Alternative Approval Process

What is an AAP?


The Alternative Approval Process (AAP) is most commonly used in relation to long-term borrowing bylaws, however AAPs can be used whenever British Columbia's Community Charter legislation requires a local government to obtain the approval of the electors.

Under Part 4, Division 2 of British Columbia's Community Charter, a Council may also use an Alternative Approval Process as a method to gauge public opinion in regard to certain types of proposed bylaws, agreements, or other matters.

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The AAP is an alternative to a referendum, which is costlier to taxpayers and involves a lengthier process. The AAP provides more time for voters to register opposition. Under the AAP, a voter has 30 days to complete and submit an elector response form, as opposed to a referendum, which requires an elector to cast a ballot at either the advanced voting day or on general voting day.

How Does the AAP Work?


British Columbia's Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development states, "A local government must publish a notice in a newspaper outlining the purposes of a proposed bylaw, agreement, or other matter where the approval of the electors is required. After the second of two notices is advertised, electors have 30 days in which to advise their local government that in their opinion, the matter is of such significance that a referendum should be held."

Under an AAP, 10% of a municipality’s eligible electors must submit opposition forms indicating non-support for the proposal.

If the opposition threshold is met, voter approval is not obtained and the AAP fails. Mayor and Council must then consider other options, which could include amending or abandoning the proposition or taking the proposal to referendum to obtain voter assent.

How Many Eligible Voters Does West Kelowna Have?


The City of West Kelowna has a rapidly growing population and the number of eligible voters changes on a continual basis.

Please contact the Administrative and Protective Services Division for the current number of eligible voters in the City of West Kelowna.

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