Take the Farm Loop

What is the Farm Loop?

The Westside Farm Loop is made up of more than 15 West Kelowna agricultural experiences including a regional park, thriving businesses and active farms and orchards. Residents and visitors alike are welcome to stop in and experience active agriculture in the community. Experiences range from u-picks and fruit stands, to a farmers' market, to farm-to-table dining and horseback riding adventures.
Promoting Farms and Agricultural Tourism

Agriculture has a rich history in West Kelowna and is a part of the very fabric of the community. Many residents and visitors say they remember times as kids picking and eating fresh fruit, pulling fresh veggies right out of the garden to snack on, and spending sunny summer days running through orchards and past farms on their way to the lake, the store or their friends' houses.
The Westside Farm Loop's focuses are to promote awareness of farming in the community, increase visitation and sales and build an appreciation for the bounty of goods produced here in West Kelowna. When local farms and orchards thrive we all benefit from a healthier community, a stronger economy and a greener environment.

West Kelowna is committed to working with its farmers, orchardists and agri-tourism businesses to help them grow. Similar to the successes seen through support of the Westside Wine Trail, the City of West Kelowna knows that its connection and access to agriculture is one of the things that make living in West Kelowna so desirable. 

Get Connected

The Westside Farm Loop offers its own website with more information on local events and harvest dates, and features farms, orchards and agricultural businesses. Please visit Westside Farm Loop to find out more.

Get Involved

If you're interested in being part of the Westside Farm Loop please contact us to find out more about the process:

John Perrott
Phone: 778-797-2215