Early Days of the Lakeview Heights Community Hall
The Lakeview Heights Community Hall was originally built in the 1890s in England as a wedding gift for a young couple, the Childers, who later moved with the building to Bear Creek on the west shores of Okanagan Lake.
Construction - Lakeview Heights Community Hall - CWK Image
Some years after arriving in the Okanagan, the building was used as a home by Father Carlyle who moved to the area and built a school and mission beside the building.

Additional Building Uses

In the years following, the building acted as a home to various families. After several years of abandonment, Mr. S.M. Simpson, a local sawmill owner, bought the property. The women of Lakeview Heights farming community seized the opportunity to utilize the building as an auxiliary location to host their regular meetings and the entertainment needs of the community.

Anders Park
In 1958, the building was settled in a new home within the Anders Park site and continued to act as the Lakeview Heights Women’s Institute Hall. Since this time, the building has continued to afford the Lakeview Heights community with space for social and entertainment gatherings.

Centennial Project
In 1967, as a Centennial Project, the hall underwent renovations and the addition of a kitchen, washrooms and foyer on the main level. In 1973, the Women’s Institute chose to turn the hall over to a community facility and so the Lakeview Irrigation District assumed operations and maintenance of the building. Further renovations occurred in 1988 and 2003 to update and maintain the hall, washrooms and kitchen to the condition they are in today.

Management Plan Adopted

In July 2010, the Lakeview Irrigation District handed over operations of the hall to the District of West Kelowna, so that a management plan could be prepared for the facility and the surrounding Anders Park and Lakeview Heights Tennis Courts, which was adopted by Council in November 2010. Under the terms of municipal incorporation, which occurred in December 2007, the irrigation district was to be dissolved and its operations, assets and liabilities were to be transferred to the District of West Kelowna. The dissolution and transfer officially occurred 6 months later on December 31, 2010.

Facility Renovations
On September 6, 2011, Council approved spending of $260,000 from reserves to replace the roof and upper walls and windows of the facility, build a new accessibility ramp at the back of the hall and complete energy efficiency upgrades, including a new HVAC system. All told, including the cost of removing hazardous materials, installing a new security system and replacing the facility floor, the renovation budget was $307,814. The project came in slightly under budget.

Grand Reopening
A grand reopening and ribbon cutting ceremony were held on Monday, March 26, 2012 with Mayor and Council, user group representatives, Lakeview Heights pioneers and members of the Lakeview Heights Community Association in attendance.
Lakeview Heights Community Hall Grand Opening - CWK Image
Improvements to the hall were identified in the Anders Park and Lakeview Heights Community Hall 10 Year Management Plan and supported by a subsequent engineering report. Upgrades were completed under budget.