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Standards & Codes

The Building Inspections Department is responsible for ensuring that the construction of buildings and structures meets the standards of the Building Bylaw, BC Building Code (Province of British Columbia Website) and applicable federal regulations.
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The department deals primarily with the regulation and inspection of new construction, renovations, alterations, additions, and changes in occupancy of existing buildings.

Building Permits

Building permits ensure that the work is in compliance with all codes and safety standards. The work will be inspected by a City of West Kelowna building official. If you are unsure about whether a building permit is required, please check with us.

In many cases your designer or contractor will obtain permits on your behalf, in which case the Owner's Authorization of Agent Form needs to be filled out. Remember, as the homeowner, you are ultimately responsible for obtaining the necessary permits and complying with the applicable building code and zoning requirements.

Customer Service Survey

The City of West Kelowna is committed to customer service and improving client relations.

In order to improve service, staff needs to hear from customers. Please take a few minutes to rate your recent experiences in dealing with municipal staff through the various stages of the application process by filling out our Development Services Customer Service Survey From.
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