Online Payments

You can make an on-line payment at any major Canadian financial institution’s on-line banking website by searching for the payee West Kelowna.  You will need to select West Kelowna Taxes (do not choose West Kelowna Utilities).  Your financial institution requires a payment amount and an 11 digit account number.  Your 11 digit account number is your tax roll number located on the top right of your tax notice.  For example, if your tax roll number on the tax notice is 364 12345.678, you must enter 36412345678 (without any spaces, hyphens, or decimals) on your bank’s on-line website when setting up the West Kelowna Taxes payee.

Claim Your Home Owner Grant On-line
If you are eligible for the Provincial HOG and would like to claim your Home Owner Grant on-line go directly to:

  • On-line Services
  • click on Claim Home Owner Grant under Quick Links to the right
  • enter your access code; 
  • complete the Home Owner Grant application and click 'Claim'; 
  • once the confirmation page appears, click 'Cancel' to edit or 'Okay' to continue; and, 
  • once your application has been submitted, make a note of the confirmation number or print a copy for your records by clicking the Print button.
Avoid Penalty
To avoid a penalty, an owner should apply for a grant with the City of West Kelowna prior to the tax due date even if not paying taxes that are due at that time or if your financial institution pays the taxes on your behalf.