Past Traffic Calming Initiatives

Boucherie Road

On February 12, 2013, Council endorsed a staff recommendation to reduce the speed limit on Boucherie Road from 60 kilometers per hour to 50 kilometers per hour, between Highway 97 and Stuart Road, for the following reasons:

  • Boucherie Road was upgraded to the new Wine Route Arterial Standard between July and November 2012, and features such as cycling lanes, landscaped medians and sidewalks were added:
    • The existing right-of-way available constrained the design to 50 kilometers per hour
    • 4 of the 9 curves in the road did not meet recommended criteria for 60 kilometers per hour speed limit
    • In order to maintain 60 kilometers per hour in the design, significant alterations to the road design would have been needed including power pole relocation, utility relocation, property acquisition and a significant increase in the number and size of retaining walls required; this would have resulted in a significantly higher cost to complete this work
    • To maximize the safety based on the new design
    • Speeding was raised as an ongoing concern by residents during open house sessions regarding the Boucherie Road Wine Route upgrade
    • This section of road was constructed with the intent of allowing other modes of transportation such as walking and cycling; a reduction in the operating speeds helped to provide improved comfort for those users
    • The roadway serves as a direct access to over 20 residences and businesses between Highway 97 and Stuart Road and a 50 kilometers per hour speed limit is common for a road with this function, based on the improvements made
Shannon Lake

In the fall of 2013, the City of West Kelowna constructed traffic calming measures in Shannon Lake as part of the annual Road Rehabilitation and Pedestrian Improvement Programs:

  • Speed cushions on Auburn Road and on Shannon Ridge Drive in the vicinity of the Shannon Lake Elementary school zone
  • Curb extensions/bump outs at Shannon Ridge Drive and Shannon Place in the vicinity of the Shannon Lake Elementary school zone
At the March 12, 2013 meeting, Council directed staff to proceed with the implementation of traffic calming measures in the Shannon Lake neighbourhood.

The City of West Kelowna hired a consultant to conduct a traffic study, which included public consultation. Meetings with residents and documentation regarding traffic speed, intersection activity and sightlines confirmed speeding issues in the Shannon Lake area.

Traffic calming measures will be installed in 6 locations in the area, at an estimated total capital cost of $64,700. Measures to be undertaken include:

  • Curb extensions
  • Signage
  • Speed cushions (humps)
Measurements Determined

  • From late January through early March 2013, feedback from a January 24, 2013 open house was analyzed and staff finalized plans to identify budgetary requirements for constructing calming measures.
  • Throughout November 2012 data was collected in order to verify traffic calming related concerns. This included site visits (monitoring), vehicle volumes, speed counts and intersection turning movements.
  • On October 11, 2012, the municipality hosted a community forum at Shannon Lake Elementary to:
    • Present Traffic Calming 101 by Boulevard Transportation
    • Present residents with proposed scope and timing as established with the neighborhood association
    • Provide a forum for residents to provide feedback and identify key traffic related issues and concerns (verbal during the meeting and through a questionnaire)
    • Identify the next steps in the process
  • On October 21, 2012, the City of West Kelowna concluded an input opportunity through a questionnaire.
  • Feedback gathered through the open house and the online questionnaire was used to identify the traffic calming issues and highlight the areas that needed to be looked at in detail to verify the concerns brought forward.
  • In August 2012, municipal staff met with Shannon Lake Neighborhood Association representatives to:
    • Confirm the proposed study area
    • Establish contact information between the municipality and the association
    • Establish time lines and schedules for the traffic calming review
Preliminary Traffic Calming Measures

In 2010 and 2011 the City of West Kelowna also installed preliminary traffic calming measures as follow:

  • On Shannon Ridge Drive:
    • Create 2 parking bulbs (curb extensions) on the curve to protect parked vehicles, reduce pedestrian crossing distances, reduce speeds and improve sight lines
    • Paint a solid yellow center line leading up to, through, and out of the curve for a short distance
    • Conduct minor trimming of vegetation to improve sightlines (as required)
At Shannon Ridge Place and Shannon Ridge Drive intersection:

  • Paint a stop bar
  • Relocate the stop sign forward towards the intersection
Speed Reader Signs

In August 2011, Council directed staff to work with ICBC to identify two sites for the installation of pole-mounted, electronic signage that would indicate rates of speed to passing motorists.

After consulting with ICBC it was determined that the reader boards would installed at high crash occurrence sites:

  • On Glenrosa Road near the intersection of Webber Road
  • Old Okanagan Highway near the intersection of Butt Road
Installation was completed on December 24, 2012. Required equipment testing was conducted in January in preparation for full operations starting in Winter 2013.

The City of West Kelowna thanks ICBC for providing matching funding of $8,000 to assist in the installation of the speed reader boards.

Vineyard Drive

  • The conceptual design was created during the South Boucherie study.
  • Based on the available funding, a phased plan for implementation was completed.
  • A resident questionnaire was sent out at the end of September 2012 highlighting this plan and providing an opportunity for feedback
    • Based on the response to that questionnaire, installation of six curb extensions proceeded in early fall 2012.
  • Throughout October 2012 a qualified contractor completed installation of curb extensions from Ridge Boulevard to Merlot Court.
Past Studies

First Study of South Boucherie

In the South Mount Boucherie neighbourhood, the potential existed to provide additional road connections across the mountain, at Menu Road and / or McCallum Road. Such connections could have had positive impacts such as emergency vehicle access; transit route opportunities; and, shorter, more direct drive times for some residents. The connections could also have had negative impacts, such as new or increased traffic, as a result of residents using local streets as short cuts between collector routes.

Resident Survey

The City of West Kelowna created a survey, allowing residents the opportunity to express traffic and transportation concerns in the area. Particular areas of concern were traffic volumes, road safety, public transportation, and pedestrian and cyclist facilities.

The results of the survey were used to further investigate traffic mitigation options and provide important considerations for the future planning and design of the neighbourhood traffic system.