Council Policies

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  1. Requests for Proclamations and (City) Participation in Programs Operated By Outside Agencies
  2. Video Surveillance Council Policy
  3. Social Media Policy
  4. Winter Roadway Maintenance Policy
  5. Records Management Policy
  6. Bylaw Enforcement Policy
  7. Traffic Calming Policy
  8. 2015 Reserve Fund Policy
  9. Addition to Reserves Referral Policy (PDF)
  10. Alcohol Management Policy (PDF)
  11. Anti Idling Policy (PDF)
  12. Applications for Special Events (PDF)
  13. CAO One Employee (PDF)
  14. Civic Facilities Naming Policy (PDF)
  15. Code of Ethics (PDF)
  16. Conflict of Interest Guidelines (PDF)
  17. Council Attendance at Out-Of-Town Meetings (PDF)
  18. Council Communication (PDF)
  19. Council Equipment (IT) Policy (PDF)
  20. Council Meeting Proceedings Policy (PDF)
  21. Council Use Of Microsoft Outlook For Scheduling (PDF)
  22. Delegation Request Procedure and Form (PDF)
  23. Delegations for Development Applications (PDF)
  24. Development Cost Charges DCC Policy
  25. Excess or Extended Services (Latecomer Agreements) (PDF)
  26. Fees and Charges Policy (PDF)
  27. Flag Protocol (PDF)
  28. Forest Fuel Management Private Lands (PDF)
  29. Funding of Capital Costs DCC Policy (PDF)
  30. Grants-In-Aid Repayable (PDF)
  31. Grants-In-Aid (PDF)
  32. In-Camera Reporting Out (PDF)
  33. Internal Audits (PDF)
  34. Issuance and Management of Debt (PDF)
  35. Land Acquisition (PDF)
  36. Land Disposal (PDF)
  37. Manufactured Home Park Redevelopment (PDF)
  38. Minimum Reserve Balances (PDF)
  39. Panhandle Policy (PDF)
  40. Parks Naming Policy (PDF)
  41. Pedestrian Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance (PDF)
  42. Per Diem, Mileage and Travel Expenses (PDF)
  43. Permissive Tax Exemption (PDF)
  44. Procurement Payment Card Policy (PDF)
  45. Public Hearing Process Policy (PDF)
  46. Public Program Pricing Policy (PDF)
  47. Purchasing Policy (PDF)
  48. Requests for Financial Support (PDF)
  49. Residents Associations (PDF)
  50. Revenue Policy (PDF)
  51. Road Closure Policy (PDF)
  52. Sanitary Sewer Connection Requirement (PDF)
  53. Screening Officer Bylaw Notice (PDF)
  54. Secondary Suites (PDF)
  55. Section 219 Covenants (PDF)
  56. Services Beyond Municipal Boundaries (PDF)
  57. Sewer Servicing (PDF)
  58. Strata Building Conversion (PDF)
  59. Street Naming Policy (PDF)
  60. Towing and Storage Service (PDF)
  61. Vehicle and Equipment Acquisition, Replacement and Disposal Policy (PDF)
  62. Westside Youth Soccer Association Agreement (PDF)