Burning Regulations

Permit Conditions
Burning is not permitted on property less than 1 hectare in size; the venting index must be 65 or greater; and the Air Quality Index must be listed as Good. A valid permit is also required for open burning.

For more information view the Outdoor Burning Options Brochure.

To report non-compliance of outdoor burning please call Kelowna Non-Emergency Dispatch 250-469-8577.

For venting and Air Quality Index information call1-855-262-BURN (2876).

Burning Precautions
A minimum separation of 30 metres shall be maintained between the location of the fire and all burnable material.

The following precautions must be taken to prevent escape of fires:
  • No burning is to be done when there is strong wind
  • Light material must be covered by heavier material
  • The fire must be attended and safeguarded at all times
  • All fires must be conducted and concluded between 7 a.m. and sunset of the same day
Permitted Burning Materials
Dry prunings, branches, etc. as long as they do not cause a smoke nuisance.

Prohibited Burning Materials
The wood, trees, shrubbery and woody debris that results from land being cleared for a different use, tires, treated lumber, plastics, railroad ties, drywall, manure, demolition waste or construction scraps, rubber, domestic waste, asphalt, paint, asphalt products and special wastes.

For information please call Administration at 778-797-3200.
Burn Seasons
Open burning season is now open. You must have a valid permit and comply with all regulations.  All permits will be issued at:

Station 32
2708 Olalla Rd.
West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2T6

Burning season ends April 30th or sooner, at the discretion of the Fire Chief.