Smith Creek Comprehensive Development Plan

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On August 12, 2014 Council approved  Terms of Reference (TOR) for two properties within the upper Smith Creek area. The application includes 89 hectares of land and is being considered pursuant to the CDP area policies in the District of West Kelowna’s Official Community Plan (OCP):


The proponents have commissioned Protech Consulting 2012 to oversee the preparation of the Smith Creek CDP in consultation with DWK, the community and interested parties.

Terms of Reference
The intent of the TOR is to establish the responsibilities for both the DWK and the applicant in preparing the plan and outlines the technical reports to be submitted at each phase of the process.

As outlined in the TOR, CDP-14-01 is to be developed in three distinct phases:

Phase 1 - Context & Inventory

  • The consulting team will provide an overview of site opportunities and constraints within and/or adjacent to the plan area; and,
  • Include necessary technical reports to determine if subject properties can effectively accommodate additional land uses.
  • The first Public Information Meeting will be held during this phase.

Phases 2-3 - Assessment & Final Concept

  • The consulting team will propose new land use designations and phasing of development based on the analysis completed as part of Phase 1
  • Include public and stakeholder consultation and reflect DWK master planning documents such as the OCP, Transportation Master Plan, Recreational Trails Plan and others
  • The second Public Information Meeting will be held during this phase
  • Present the plan to Council for consideration of approval, and
  • If the CDP is approved by Council, it will be included in the current OCP as an appendix with approved land use designations reflected in the OCP Land Use Map

Public Input

Two public meetings will be held by the applicant during the development of the CDP, over and above the statutory Public Hearing requirement for the future OCP amendments.

The first meeting will present the site context and information and the initial conclusions, and will allow for education, orientation and determination of the initial public issues. The second and final meeting will confirm the initial public input, show how the plan responds to earlier feedback and obtain additional feedback on the CDP’s integral concepts.  

Additional Information
The approved TOR and associated Council Report can be viewed using the following links: