Highway 97 Express

Rapid Bus extensions to the City of West Kelowna were completed in 2014 and included:
  • Construction of the Boucherie Mountain Exchange at Westgate Road, adjacent to Highway 97;
  • Construction of the Westbank Centre Exchange at Elliott Road between Main Street and Dobbin Road; and,
  • Construction of the Westlake/Hudson station on Highway 97.
Stops were also constructed in Westbank First Nation, along Highway 97, at Butt Road and Westside Road Interchange.

Upgrades were also added to improve accessibility, safety and traffic flow and create a better user experience, including:
  • Covered and lit shelters with upgraded seating
  • Passenger information displays
  • Pullouts for buses
  • Raised curbs to accommodate wheelchair access
Thank you to the Government of Canada and Province of British Columbia for providing funding under the Gas Tax Fund to enable Rapid Bus expansion to the City of West Kelowna.