Development Applications

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Applicants begin any proposed development process by first consulting with a planning professional before submitting a formal application to the City of West Kelowna.

If you have a development project in mind, we encourage you to call us at 778-797-8830 or email to get the process started. A city planner will be assigned to work with you on your project.

For more information on the process, please refer to the Development Applications Procedures Bylaw.
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If you've spoken with Development Services staff and you're ready to start your application:

Managing the Process

No matter the development, the process will take time; how much time depends on various factors including size, complexity and whether or not it meets the requirements outlined in existing bylaws or if amendments or variances are required. Our professional staff has decades of combined experience and is able to help iron out these details and navigate the entire process.

Smaller, straightforward projects that fit Official Community Plan (OCP) and/or Zoning Bylaw requirements may a few weeks or a couple of months, for example. Developments that require OCP or Zoning Bylaw amendments and need Council input, public hearings and adoption will take several months. Comprehensive developments, which are often rolled out in phases and may be dependent on market conditions, may take a few years.

Development Permits and Variances

If a project meets guidelines, it will be issued a permit at the end of the application process. If variances from established guidelines are required then staff works with applicants regarding such matters as siting, setbacks and form and character. The guidelines exist to create a development that fits in reasonably well with a particular existing area and/or marries with the theme or style of a new or established neighbourhood or zone. Staff will assist applicants through the variance and permit process, including any required presentations to Council. 

The following link can provide some helpful general background related to decisions of this kind. If you wish to leave our website and go to the article now, please us the following link: