Engineering & Public Works

Building a Better West Kelowna

The Engineering and Public Works Division is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and improvement of West Kelowna's infrastructure, including:
  • Cemetery
  • Parks
  • Fleet
  • Roads, Sidewalks, Streetlights and Traffic Calming
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Storm Sewer (drainage)
  • Water
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West Kelowna is proud of the many advances made since  incorporation in December 2007. Despite its status as a young municipality, West Kelowna has embarked on the following major, phased projects with the assistance of the Engineering and Public Works Division:

Major planning exercises include:

Municipal Partners

West Kelowna's Engineering and Public Works Division works closely with its partner groups on the delivery of regional and sub regional services, including:

  • Transit
  • Westside Residential Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre
  • Westside Waste Water Treatment Plant
Partners in these services include:

Senior Government Partners

Senior government partners include:

  • BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • BC Ministry of Community
  • Sport and Cultural Development
  • Western Economic Diversification Canada
Other Partners

The division also works with agencies such as:

  • Interior Health Authority to address water and beach issues
  • Insurance Corporation of BC and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to resolve traffic related matters