Zoning Bylaw Number 0154

Adopted February 11, 2014

Zoning Bylaw No. 0154 has been in effect since March 13, 2014:

If you have questions regarding the new bylaw, please contact Development Services Division staff at 778-797-8830 or email us. Please include Zoning Bylaw 0154 in the subject line.
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Adoption Process Zoning Bylaw Number 0154

Council adopted Zoning Bylaw No. 0154 on February 11, 2014. The bylaw was structured with a delayed effective date (30 days from the date of adoption). The effective date was delayed to allow seamless transition from one bylaw to the other, given the comprehensive material contained within each document.

The transition time allowed for staff familiarization with the new bylaw, publication of the new document and map updates to the Geographical Information System (GIS). The delayed effective date also gave those with application-ready projects the time needed to apply under the old bylaw.

West Kelowna dealt with in stream Building Permit (BP) and Development Permit (DP) applications and any new BP and DP applications received prior to March 13, 2014, under the old bylaw. All BP and DP applications received prior to March 13, 2014 were approved or denied within six months (i.e. September 13, 2014) to be applicable under the previous bylaw. After this date, such applications were processed or reapplied for under Zoning Bylaw 0154.

What Is A Zoning Bylaw?

Zoning bylaws are authorized under the Local Government Act (Part 14, Division 5) to enable municipalities to regulate land use and implement the objectives of an Official Community Plan.

As a regulatory tool, zoning bylaws specify permitted uses for different areas of the community and assign specific regulations to these areas to guide development. For example, zoning bylaws include regulations with regard to density as well as the site locations and sizes of buildings.

Property owners seeking to develop or redevelop their property should consult the City of West Kelowna Zoning Bylaw to determine the permitted regulations for the zone that applies to their lot(s) or contact the Planning Department at 778-797-8830.

Zoning Bylaw Review Past Process

The City of West Kelowna initiated a review of the previous bylaw, which had been inherited from the Regional District of Central Okanagan and had last been substantially reviewed and updated in 2000.

An update to the Zoning Bylaw was also a necessary next step after the City of West Kelowna adopted its first Official Community Plan (OCP) in July 2012. The Zoning Bylaw had to be reviewed to reflect the policy directions identified in the new OCP. Furthermore, the municipality developed a variety of master plans such as the Agriculture Plan, Waterfront Plan and Westbank Centre Revitalization Plan, which provided further framework for an updated Zoning Bylaw.

The review of the Zoning Bylaw also addressed a number of technical and operational issues associated with the previous bylaw. The aim was to create a clear and consistent, user-friendly document for both staff and the community.
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For further information on Zoning Bylaw 0154, please contact the City of West Kelowna’s Development Services Division at 778-797-8830.