Works & Services Bylaw Number 0120

Effective April 24, 2014

Works and Services Bylaw No. 0120 enables the City of West Kelowna to regulate and require the provision of infrastructure associated with subdivision and development of land:

Council adopted Works and Services Bylaw No. 0120 on March 25, 2014 and it came into effect April 24, 2014:

  • All applications submitted before April 24 were considered in-stream with a one year grace period under the previous bylaw.
  • Any new subdivision or development applications submitted after April 24 are considered under the new bylaw.
What is the Purpose of the Bylaw?

A Works and Services Bylaw (also sometimes referred to as the Subdivision and Development Services Bylaw) is authorized under Section 938 of the Local Government Act.

The bylaw enables a municipality to regulate land use and require works and services as part of subdivision and development of land.

The City of West Kelowna uses the bylaw as the benchmark to process and respond to subdivision and development applications. Having one updated bylaw ensures consistency in processing applications and responding to issues that may arise concerning subdivisions and development servicing.

The Works and Services Bylaw incorporates the guidelines of Zoning Bylaw 0154 and the recommendations of the Official Community Plan and the City of West Kelowna's master plans covering agriculture, drainage, parks and recreation, transportation, sewers, water, waterfront and the city centre.
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