Firefighting As a Career

Firefighting is a very challenging and demanding occupation. Firefighters must respond quickly and work effectively as part of a vital team.

Firefighters perform functions in a number of areas, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Firefighting
  • Promotion of fire prevention and public education
  • Protecting both the public and the environment from hazardous materials concerns
  • Emergency medical care through the First Responder Program
  • Public service
  • Post-fire inspections and overhaul
  • Performing auto extrication at accident scenes
  • Participation in a variety of training programs to maintain or upgrade the latest firefighting methods and technology
Firefighters encounter many challenges in fighting fires such as identifying the source of the fire, using appropriate suppression techniques and search and rescue of victims.

Firefighting is very physically demanding work and involves hauling heavy equipment, ascending and descending on ground extension ladders and fire escapes, working in extreme heat and smoke and working in confined spaces with limited vision.

Firefighting is also very mentally demanding and requires constant and ever-expanding knowledge for department personnel. Experience with West Kelowna Fire Rescue ranges from the newest recruit to firefighters with over 30 years of service.