Campfire Regulations

Be Fire Safe

  • Keep a shovel and/or a minimum of 8 litres of water nearby, at all times, to extinguish fire
  • A responsible person must be in attendance, at all times
  • Smoke must not create a nuisance
  • Burning of garbage is prohibited
    • If West Kelowna Fire Rescue receives a complaint, crews will come out to investigate
  • Campfires are NOT allowed when a campfire ban is in effect
Safe Fire Distances (see diagram below)

  • Fire pit = 0.5 metres (50 centimetres) maximum
  • Around fire pit (circumference) = 1 metre (100 centimetres) of mineral soil
  • Clear space around circumference = 4 metres from structures, tall grasses, shrubs and trees
Campfire Regulations - CWK Image