Purchasing Methods

Where goods and services to be purchased are contained in a current budget approved by Council, the general practice to be followed by the Purchasing Department shall be: 

  1. Purchases up to $1,500 utilize the Limited Value Purchase method. (At least one quotation required)
  2. Purchases between $1,500 and $75,000 utilize competitive quotations.
    • Note: Public opening of quotations may or may not occur.
    • Quotations are typically received and opened in the Purchasing Office and inquiries are welcome; notice of these opportunities may include the same methods as used for the public tender process below
  3. Purchases above $75,000 utilize Public Tender Process (Invitations to Tender and Requests for Proposals)
    • The Purchasing Department will advertise these opportunities; advertising may include one or more of the following methods:
      1. Local, provincial and national newspapers
      2. City of West Kelowna's bids website
      3. BC Bid
      4. Civic Info
      5. In addition, known suppliers may also receive the notification directly
  4. Tenders are opened publicly; Requests for Proposals are not