Property Tax

The 2017 property tax payment deadline is Tuesday, July 4.
  1. Assessment Appeals & Penalties

    Penalties are mandated by provincial legislation and are not discretionary. Under The Community Charter, the municipality must charge a 10% penalty on late taxes. The City of West Kelowna charges a 10% penalty on the first working day after the tax due date.

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  2. Change of Address

    Look up information needed in order to change your address information.

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  3. Home Owner Grants

    Read about Home Owner Grants.

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  4. Municipal Taxes

    The assessed value of property for tax purposes is determined by the British Columbia Assessment Authority. The Authority is established under provincial legislation, and is independent of the municipality. The City of West Kelowna is not involved in determining assessed values.

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  5. Payment Options

    Pay your taxes online, in person, by mail, or through telephone banking. The City of West Kelowna does not accept credit card payments; however we do accept cheques from credit card companies.

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  6. Permissive Tax Exemption

    Property Tax Exemption is available for qualifying West Kelowna based, registered not-for-profit organizations using property for municipal, recreational, religious, cultural or charitable purposes.

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  7. Tax Deferments

    The Land Tax Deferment Act provides relief for all or a portion of the current year's taxes on a principal residence after the deduction of the home owner grant (HOG) and after meeting certain eligibility requirements set by the Province of British Columbia's Ministry of Finance. Previous year's taxes, penalty and interest charges cannot be deferred.

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  8. Tax Sale

    The Local Government Act requires the City of West Kelowna to sell at Tax Sale those properties for which taxes are outstanding for 3 years. For example: In 2014, the 2012 property taxes have been outstanding for 3 years.

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​Tax Certificates

myLTSA Enterprise: If you have an account or want to register for one, log into LTSA from the main menu, select Service Providers and Order Tax Certificates.

BC Online: If you are already a customer or wish to become one, log in and select Tax Certificates Online from the main menu.

APIC :visit APIC if you prefer to pay for the tax certificate by credit card.