Sign Bylaw and Permits

Sign bylaws and permits allow the City of West Kelowna to ensure that signage is properly and safely installed and is structurally engineered correctly. If not installed and/or engineered correctly, signs can pose safety issues.

The number, size, type, form, appearance, and location of signage within the District is regulated by Sign Bylaw No. 0183. However, not all signage requires a permit for installation.  It is important to be familiar with the regulations outlined in the Sign Bylaw regardless if your sign requires or does not require a sign permit.

Most Common Signs for Businesses

Welcome to the Library - web

Typically the main sign to promote your business. Classified as signs mounted to a building face, fence, or other surface. Banners and signs affixed to or painted on buildings or structures, except windows, are fascia signs.

Projecting Sign

Typically found in pedestrian-oriented areas where customers reach the business by walking. A sign that projects more than 33.0 cm (13.0 in) from a building Canopies and awnings incorporating any type of sign, and signs perpendicular to buildings or structures, are projecting signs.



A sign that is attached to the ground and is self-supporting (commonly reffered to as a pylon sign). Used on property operating many businesses.

​Ground-orientated Freestanding
A sign that is attached to the ground is self-supporting but does not contain a column to increase its height. Commonly used for single standing businesses.

​Sign Permit Application

The following items must be included in the application package for a sign permit:
  • Application form
  • Application fee
  • Sign permit fee
  • Site plan outlining property lines, access/egress, and location of the proposed sign
  • Photos of the property and existing signage
  • Rendering of proposed sign (in color)
  • Proof of property ownership (state of title certificate no more than 90 days old)
  • Engineering drawing
Sign Brochure - Provides general information on signage, including various sign types, permit requirements, and the process to submit a sign application.

A complete application package can be submitted for review and processing at Municipal Hall, located at 2760 Cameron Road, West Kelowna, BC.