Building Permits

Building permits ensure that the work is in compliance with all codes and safety standards. The work will be inspected by a City of West Kelowna building official. If you are unsure about whether a building permit is required, please check with us.

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Building permits are required for new construction as well as renovations.  They are also required for any change in occupancy, tenant improvements to the space including adding or subtracting walls/windows/doors/ceiling, altering or adding HVAC and/or plumbing, creating barrier free access, and constructing storage shelves (mezzanines/racking systems), to name a few of the key areas. In order to understand the process and ensure businesses can develop smoothly, we advise that a meeting be arranged with the Building Department prior to leasing/owning a location for your business. This pre-consultation session will allow you to understand the requirements for the space based upon the base building, previous tenant, and adjacent tenants, as well as based upon your potential business use.   

In many cases your designer or contractor will obtain permits on your behalf, in which case the Owner's Authorization of Agent Form needs to be filled out.

For a complete list of forms and bylaws please visit the Forms, Permits & Regulations page.

Building Forms & Applications